BE4: Who Am I?


With hearts both excited and maybe a little drained from classes and assignments, we gathered once again at LWC last 11th November for our 4th BE. After a kicking off with our weekly 5+1 greet and pray session, worship leader, Emi Uchiyama took over for a truly blessed time of worship.

It was a privilege to have Pastor Reuben share with us the message entitled, “Who Am I?”  With Reference from Romans 8-12-19, Ps Reuben pointed out the difference of being “Child” and “Sons” of God, where a Child of God is referred to someone who is still young and immature to the faith and easily led by the flesh and one who serve out of performance identity. On the other hand, a Son of God, is a matured disciple who is led by the spirit and not by their own understanding or the opinions of man and a person who serve out of Relational Identity. Through Romans 8:29, Ps Reuben pointed out how the image we have of Christ determines the image we conform to as well as our identity, self-worth and self-esteem.

Ps Reuben stated how as Sons of God, we reveal and represent the ways of our Father in heaven, reveal and represent the ways of Christ in our fathers in Christ and also how a son leads, disciples and fathers, our of sonship (not performance or rewards)

It was truly a fresh insight into our identity in Christ, as sons and not mere children. It was also a challenge given to all of us to reflect and realign our lives and service to one of a Son. After receiving the week’s announcements, BE 4 concluded with the well loved and well anticipated lunch at Bakti :)

Watch the video below to watch the entire sermon! :)



Ever Smiling MC: Kelly Chew


Emi and Team!


Ps Reuben talking about Sonship


Our very own Jasmin Ho passing the love gift


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