BE4: Who Am I?


With hearts both excited and maybe a little drained from classes and assignments, we gathered once again at LWC last 11th November for our 4th BE. After a kicking off with our weekly 5+1 greet and pray session, worship leader, Emi Uchiyama took over for a truly blessed time of worship.

It was a privilege to have Pastor Reuben share with us the message entitled, “Who Am I?”  With Reference from Romans 8-12-19, Ps Reuben pointed out the difference of being “Child” and “Sons” of God, where a Child of God is referred to someone who is still young and immature to the faith and easily led by the flesh and one who serve out of performance identity. On the other hand, a Son of God, is a matured disciple who is led by the spirit and not by their own understanding or the opinions of man and a person who serve out of Relational Identity. Through Romans 8:29, Ps Reuben pointed out how the image we have of Christ determines the image we conform to as well as our identity, self-worth and self-esteem.

Ps Reuben stated how as Sons of God, we reveal and represent the ways of our Father in heaven, reveal and represent the ways of Christ in our fathers in Christ and also how a son leads, disciples and fathers, our of sonship (not performance or rewards)

It was truly a fresh insight into our identity in Christ, as sons and not mere children. It was also a challenge given to all of us to reflect and realign our lives and service to one of a Son. After receiving the week’s announcements, BE 4 concluded with the well loved and well anticipated lunch at Bakti :)

Watch the video below to watch the entire sermon! :)



Ever Smiling MC: Kelly Chew


Emi and Team!


Ps Reuben talking about Sonship


Our very own Jasmin Ho passing the love gift




On the 4th of November, it was the 3rd edition of BE for the first semester of the 2016/2017 sidang! It was MC-ed by our very own Mariana Tan! “ELLO”:D With Bernice and Team handling worship, it was indeed a great start needed after the mid semester break. :)

The speaker of the day is non other than Father Campbell and he shares about his life and how he served as a Chaplain and how it put him in situations that helped him grow himself and those around him. Watch the video below to hear the entire sermon! :)






Bernice and Team giving God the praise He deserves.


Father Campbell and Miss President



Moments took place two times throughout the first semester of the 2016/2017 sidang! It was held in CLC on Wednesdays, 8pm- 10pm.

To see a number of people gathered together, arms stretched out praising Him is a beautiful sight to see. To be a part of it was even better.

A community of worshippers; praying and seeking; surrendering and letting God do His thing is such a Blessing.

Perhaps the one thing that lingered on even after days that passed was the pure knowledge and assurance of Gods Joy being our strength in moments of weakness, in the tears that we shed, in the overwhelming life around us, His Joy is our strength to keep going.

Moments wasn’t just another night of prayer and worship. It was a night my own heart felt Gods Peace which surpasses understanding and Love which knows no end.

Psalm 26:10 “Be Still, and know that I am God”

By Miriam


Let us come and soak in His Presence.


As we come to the end of a busy week filled with classes, assignments, and life in general, we decided to end the week with FRESHOUT. It is a picnic organised by PKA to help integrate the first year students into PKA and to also allow the seniors to associate themselves with the first year students and vice versa. This year, we went to Youth Park aka Penang Municipal Park for FRESHOUT. Our journey to Youth Park began at 8am and it took us roughly around 30 minutes to reach there. THANK GOD FOR THE CLEAR ROADS and the smooth journey.

When we arrived at Youth Park, we unpacked our personal belongings, food, drinks and bag packs. We started our session of FRESHOUT with games organised by Marianna Tan and Deborah Ooi. The games we played were the Shoe ID and Zombie. The objective of the Shoe ID game was to break the ice between the members especially for the first year students. How the game was played was by throwing a slipper or shoe into a big pile. After that, everyone has to grab a random shoe or slipper and find out 3 new facts about the owner of the shoe or slipper. So after returning everyone’s smelly shoes and slipper, we moved on to the next game which was the Zombie game. The objective of the Zombie game was to get everyone up and running. It is also to act as a warm up session for the Captain Ball session we were planning to have later on. So how the game was played is by dividing our members into 3 groups that consist of zombies, survivors and assistants. The zombies were supposed to catch the survivors while the assistants were tasked with guiding the survivors to a safe house (tree) while the survivors, well they had to survive obviously. So after a good 10 minutes of running and chasing one another, the zombies emerged victorious.

Next, we went on to have our picnic at a shaded location with tables and chairs. We had a wide array of food that consist of nasi lemak, sandwiches, an assortment of fried fish balls, biscuits and many more. My initial concern was there was not going to be enough food to feed all 50 of us but by the grace of God we had more than enough and this is all thanks to the members who so kindly brought food along with them to add to the amount that we already have and to also fill our hungry tummies. As we were eating, we had a great time of fellowship with one another especially with getting to know our juniors better. Just sitting down with one another and catching up with one another especially after such a busy week allowed us to learn more about one another and to also encourage each other through the struggles we were facing, to continue striving and pursuing God in everything we do.

After we had our fill of food, some of the members went to have a dip at the nearby swimming pool while some went to take photos of the scenic views at Youth Park. The rest of us went to play Captain Ball and it was good to see everyone taking part and adding to the joy and laughter but sadly all good moments have to come to an end and we had to depart back for USM at 12pm but not before taking loads of group pictures to commemorate the moment.

All in all, it was a successful event and everyone who attended it had a great time together.



Smiles all around! :)


Thank God for Human Tripods! :P


Up Up We Go.. We in PKA..we take our Captain Ball very seriously


Makan and Fellowship.. cause that’s the best kind of fellowship.

By: Matthew Wong!



With Mid semester break approaching, it was time again for Movie BE! This time we watched a movie entitled War Room! It is a movie about Prayer being a powerful weapon.


Movie Summary: With great jobs, a beautiful daughter (Alena Pitts) and a dream house, the Jordans seem to have it all. Appearances can be deceiving, however, as husband Tony (T.C. Stallings) flirts with temptation and wife Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer) becomes increasingly bitter, crumbling under the strain of a failing marriage. Their lives take an unexpected turn for the better when Elizabeth meets her newest client, Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie), who encourages the couple to find happiness through prayer.


The movie truly challenges PKA members to lead a more prayerful life. There is a constant need to be discipline and set aside time to pray whatever our situation may be. There  is power in every prayer and if we choose to not surrender to God, we will surely fail or grow weary. We must not be affected by the lies that the Devil put into our life but walk in confidence knowing that God is bigger than those lies. So, we must arise in faith and lead a life that is prayerful not only for ourselves, but also to those around us.




The second BE of the semester tackled the subject of L.G.B.T or L.G.B.T.Q.Q as told by the invited speaker of the day, Mr James Allen.

The Emcee of the day was Darynn Wee and the session started off as members paired up and prayed for one another. Then, we had our 5+1 where the members stood up and greeted 5 people ant then connected with the 6th person they greeted. It was a good time sharing life with one another.

Then, Darynn hand over the session to the worship leader of the session, Audrey Ng. Next, we handed the time to Mr James Allen who was the counselor in Dalat International School to share with us regarding the topic of the day.

Mr James Allen started the session by explaining to us about L.G.B.T.Q.Q and giving us some facts about them.

Queer (Everyone in the LGBT Community)
Questioning (Unsure of Sexual Orientation)

1)The rise of L.G.B.T.Q.Q rights have sparked perversion, now, even pedophiles are asking for rights.

2) There is no proof that it is genetically caused.

3) L.G.B.T.Q.Q community is a very  hurting people group. They are prone to self hatred, suicides and anxiety.

4) The surgical removal of body parts will not help with someone’s self identity.

How should we react as Christians?

1) We should avoid the Extreme;

a) Condemning and  judging them

b) Embracing their Identity

2)Verse on the Topic;

Genesis 1:26-27

 26 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals,[a] and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

27 So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them.


Sex between man and woman in marriage is the only standard acceptable by God

3)L.G.B.T.Q.Q is a willful, ongoing and unrepentant sin BUT, GOD LOVES THE SINNER AND HATES THE SIN.

4) The temptation doesn’t just go away but when we humble ourselves, God’s love will be perfected in our weaknesses  Our ultimate Goal is holiness and we can rise above it all only through Christ.


  1. Sexual Abuse
  2. Unusual development in family.

SAME SEX ATTRACTION : Idolling something/someone that have things you desire


  1. Connect with God, knowing his LOVE and be affirmed and accept areas in life that hurt and caused pain.
  2. STOP THE BEHAVIOR (Feel the pain, let God work on it)
  3. Develop a healthy same sex relationship
  5. THEN: Marriage is possible

How to help a struggling Christian

  1. Recognize that you can help.
  3. Be a safe person:- Demonstrate acceptance and transparency. Recognize we all sin.
  4. Differentiate the struggle from the person.
  5. Assess if they really want help.
  6. Affirm them in their gender.
  7. Don’t be exclusive and maintain strict confidentiality

The session ended with everyone learning more about the L.G.B.T.Q.Q community and Andrew Ting represented PKA to give Mr James Allen a love gift.


BE 1 : HEARTROCK (16/17)

The First Bible Exposition (BE) of the Sidang was held in Living Word Centre (LWC) on the 7th of October from 12.15pm to 2.00pm. We were fortunate and grateful to have Rev. Gideon Lee to return and share with us again for this sidang.


The Emcee of the day was Sharon Ho!

The session kicked off by pairing up and praying for one another, followed by a 5+1 greeting session, where we were asked to greet with 5 people and connect with at least one person. Then, we had a wonderful time of praise and worship led by Kai Wen. Next, we invitied Rev Gideon from Tabernacle of Praise, Penang to share to us his rocky message entitled Heart Rock!

Watch the Video below to hear Rev Gideon’s message!

Video Description:

In this message he emphasized a lot on the passage of 1 Samuel 16 and 17, which tells the story of King David and how he was chosen as king by Samuel. His main point through this passage was that God does not look at the outward appearance, rather, He looks at our hearts. Rev Gideon then moved on to 1 Samuel 17, which tells the infamous story of David and Goliath. He emphasized on how much faith David had marching into battle on his own and how God led him into victory in this battle. Ultimately, there were 3 main qualities of David that made him a man after God’s heart. Firstly, his heart was just sold out for God, as shown in 1 Samuel 17:45. Next, he was not a vengeful person (1 Samuel 24) and he did not give excuses, as shown in 2 Samuel 12.


Altogether, it was a great time of fellowshipping and getting to know more about the Word of God and also an urgency to reflect back on the conditions of our hearts. We ended by having lunch at Bakti! :D